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Brewers Jam

There is a certain craft in doing things traditionally. There is a certain stillness and connection formed when you revert to a more manual way of accomplishing a task. With technology taking over most aspects of life, one can easily take for granted those classical methods. Coffee is no exception here. 


Brewing filter coffee by hand promotes a more tuned-in foundation into the world of coffee. It provides one with the know-how and understanding of what it means to prepare and serve that perfect cup of coffee. 


As such, El Union will be hosting Brewers Jam, an event dedicated to discussing techniques in hand brewing, what it means to be a coffee professional, and what it takes to compete in brewing competitions.


Ria Mariano- Lingad

Ria Mariano- Lingad


The event features New Zealand's Brewers Cup Champion and fellow Finca Nuguo competitor, Ria Mariano- Lingad, as she provides valuable insight and pointers into the world of hand brewing coffee.



So slow down, take it easy, and hand brew some coffee with us on the 22nd of November, at STKD Zeppelin, Kapitolyo!


There will be coffee, conversation, music, and more! 


Event Fee: Php 2,500

Address: STKD Zeppelin, 11 Brixton St, Pasig, 1603 Metro Manila



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Hosted by: El Union Coffee

Sponsored by: STKD Zeppelin, Kendo Creative, & Narrative

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